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A Young Jamaican artist from Spanish Town signed to Jetstar, till 2005. Now going Independant unless the right deal comes my way!!!!!!!!!.

He has had three number ones in the UK Echo Reggae Charts in 2003 and has sold Silver in Germany and Japan.

His first number one 'Dilemma' exploded onto the Jamaican scene getting airplay on Irie Fm.

With his two Hit 16mm Film Videos getting heavy rotation on the two major Jamaican National Television Channels and lots of the cable channels all over Jamaica.

Selling well in South America, Canada, France, Germany and Japan, and rising in the UK urban underground scene in 2003.

Debut album 'Yutes Dem Hustlin' was released in the UK on the Charm label in December 2003.

Debut national chart entry with the 'Pretty Lady' song on the jump off beat, reaching 38 in the midweek chart in July 2004.

The video reached the video channel charts getting heavy rotation on Channel U Top (ten for nine weeks), MTV Base (Reached No 18), Reached Kiss TV (reached No 5), and The Box (Reached No 12).

To become only the sixth Jamaican Reggae artist to enter the UK national Charts top 20.

He featured in a remix with Alicia Keyes that become a underground favourite of her No1 track 'You Don't Know My Name' on the reggae one drop beat.

Watch this space hes going to be the next big thing!

To take Reggae Music onto another level breaking down the doors for Reggae music in the UK Bursting out on the International Scene bringing a Hypnotic flavour mixing Dancehall with RnB and Hip Hop beats to bring his unique sound, dragging this exciting music style into the 21st century for you to enjoy for 2004.

He has toured with Vybes Kartel on his last UK tour in 2004 and Joe Budden in late summer 2004. This culminated in His winning of the UMA Best UK Reggae Act 2004 urban musics Major awards ceremony.

He has collaborated with Lumidee from the USA on the track 'Cute Boy' which has been released in Europe and the United States in 2004 Has created a storm reaching Channel U's top three with his single release in August 2005 'OK' produced by an American producer from The Eric Sermon Camp Tah Mac with Marley Marl.

They met while Savana toured with Joe Budden on his UK Tour in 2004. This was not released other than on 12" vinyl singles by the label.

Has just had a No.18 national chart entry with a Blacksmith collaboration with Ben Adams formerly of the A1 Group.

And has been released in numerous countries around the world.

Has had another Blacksmith production this time on Simon from Blue debut Solo single giving a street edge to these singles to be released to radio in July 2005. And released in the shops August 2005.
Was nominated for UMA awards again in 2005. Is now hosting ENTERTAINMENT FRIDAY the UK's first weekly dancehall and reggae show on Passion TV(Sky 169) each and every Friday at 9.3Opm till 10.30pm, and repeated on Tuesday 10pm, now with over 500,000 viewers and still so young. Check it out.!!!!!!!!

Has been working hard in the studio to complete his new forthcoming album 'Life Ah Foreign' and should hit the shops late summer 2006. A new video will hit your tv screens.
and has been edited as you read 2006.

Watch Savana's prolific rise onto the world stage with him becoming one of Jamaica's finest Reggae acts to bless your radio, television and stages everywhere!!!.......

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Ian Rawlinson - Mobile : 07852 438 421
E-mail : irawlinson@tiscali.co.uk

Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Beanie Man, and all of my Dancehall peeps and and all types of music from Pop to RnB, Hip Hop.

Savana has come from Patrick Maitlands camp in Jamaica and has started to make inroads into the UK urban scene. His brother was in a roots reggae band back in Jamaica and he has been performing since he was a small boy and has been a lover of music taking his love of music from the radio and he likes many different types and styles of music that he has listened to in his home town of Spanish town, and more recently here in London, England. Where he landed his first record.

Savana mixes, blends and fuses Reggae, Rnb, Hip Hop and Pop to create his own unique international reggae sound.

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Discography includes:

Savana - Life Ah Foreign

Savana - Bad Mined & Parasite

Published on 05 October 2013
Label:Otis Riddim Records

Savana - HARD ROAD

  •   HARD ROAD (1 tracks) 
      01. SAVANA - HARD ROAD


  •   OUR LOVE WILL NEVER DIE (1 tracks) 
      01. Our Love Will Never Die

Savana - Fed Up