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Born on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, Challenger was surrounded by the ever pulsating tunes of calypso, soca, reggae, and the music rooted from the island itself, bouyon; a style of music that blends all of the music from the Caribbean.
At a very young age Challenger was fascinated by music after having his first real hands-on experience with a group called Bells Combo, a band that originated in his home village. Challenger saw how passionate the musicians were about their craft which encouraged him to take seriously, what he would then claim as his own art. At age 16, Challenger found a niche in the music business as he scaled through genres like Hip Hop, Zouk, Soca, Bouyon, and Reggae. Though career possibilities seemed slim coming from such a small island, he channeled his love for music by touching genres which were more familiar to his ear.
For twelve years after migrating to the USA, Challenger was lead vocalist and song writer of a Caribbean fusion band named Royalty Band, entertaining crowds with his electrifying voice.  After performing at small private events Challenger and the Royalty Band started showing off their musical skills at many Caribbean festivals throughout the US, Canada and on islands like Tortola, St. Thomas and his homeland Dominica.
But to Challenger, reggae music was the vehicle to root his message about peace, love and world unity, and to bring light to everyday struggles. In January, 2015, he released his first EP, Man Is Just a Man. Challenger is currently working on his first reggae album and staging at several venues on the east coast.

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Discography includes:

Challenger - Where do we go

  •   Where do we go (1 tracks) 
      01. Where do we go

Challenger - Nah Bodda Wit Dem

  •   Nah Bodda Wit Dem (1 tracks) 
  •  $0.99
      01. Nah Bodda Wit Dem