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Mon, 20th Feb 2012

The internet: the new home of the riddim.

If you're after new tracks and you're tired of rifling through the CD racks at your local music shop, then the internet is probably going to be your first stop for new music. But what does it offer the people making the music you're listening to?

Well, for starters, it finally gives them an indie platform they wouldn't have had before. If you take this site as an example, it allows an artist to say "my music video is on YouTube, my tracks are on BandCamp", and what have you - there's no more need for a record label if you don't want one.

The advantages of this is clear - more independence, and more money. But this means no PR, no marketing push, so you'll be spending time organising your own career rather than recording some new tracks and kicking back with a little PartyPoker to wind down with. You'll be working hard for your money - it's no different to any other medium in which self-publishing your work is an option, from novels to videogames.

But the best thing is seeing stuff go viral, being able to embed people's music and video content onto sites like ours, and seeing people engage with said content in a way they couldn't a few decades ago. The internet is a seriously powerful tool in the hands of a business and tech-savvy musician, and the skills are not impossible to pick up.

So the next time you want to put a new track out, or buy one, try the web, because you never know how it might turn out. The world wide web is enabling music to reach audiences it couldn't before, and that benefits absolutely everybody with the time, money and desire to get involved. Enjoy a whole new generation of media consumption.

Wed, 11th Jan 2012

G Mac and Sizzla's brand new single 'Question' prerelease

What could it be about fast-rising sing-jay, GMac, why he is highly favoured by music industry types, including the big names of the business? From cultural sing-jay Sizzla to crooners Natty King and Bushman, GMac has been embraced by some of the most influential music practitioners, several of whom are solidly in his corner, rooting for GMac's ascension to the top. But it is not only music industry types who are impressed with the superstar on the rise, as fans of reggae and dancehall have latched onto the music of the comely sing-jay. His breakout, critically acclaimed number, Vampires, has been burning up the airwaves and flying off the shelves. GMac's follow-up, Girl You Got Me Going On, produced on his very own Royalty Records, has also garnered radio staple status. 
The singles have been keeping the dancehall crowd dancing, becoming a favourite of the most prominent sound systems and selectors. This newfound success GMac accepts with graciousness. 
“I just give thanks to all the people who have been supporting the cause,” he submits. “I am happy that my works are being appreciated. There is no greater joy than knowing that what I put out there is being appreciated.” 
With disarming good looks, crisp, distinct vocal attributes and personal characteristics, GMac is knocking down the doors of superstardom while knocking everyone off their feet. His brand of music spans the gamut from cultural, reality message music to party floor themes and affairs-of-the-heart lovers odes. This is not surprising since GMac's guiding principle is to be a penchant for versatility. He says he refuses to be pigeonholed. 
"To be labeled or categorized is not my wish. I am about music that can inspire and elevate, but I am also about fun music that will help people release the stresses of life," he notes. 
Those who have come in contact with GMac's music will attest to the fact that the rising sing-jay possesses the uncommon ability to master all of reggae's sub-genres. From hardcore dancehall to soulful lovers rock, GMac glides comfortably across the scales, ably raping his edgy vocals and imaginative penmanship around every demand. This comfort level might be attributed to GMac's long flirtations with music, harking back to the sing-jay's formative years. GMac's brushes with musical inclinations first became manifest as a thirteen year old when he was enlisted as a member of the six part Gospel singing group, shade, connected to Harbour View's St. Boniface Church. It was while a member of the gospel group that Gmac took his first taste performing for n audience and it was a baptism that prepared him well. After leaving Jamaica for New York in 2000, GMac was featured on a concert in Buffalo, alongside Livewyah (Progression Posse), and it was then that his stagemanship became undeniably evident. 
Three years later, upon to his return to Jamaica, GMac was introduced to famed cultural sing-jay Sizzla, and a new path was open. 
GMac took his first down that path when Sizzla invited the young sing-jay into his August Town Studios. The result was the further owning of GMac's microphone skills. In fact, Sizzla was the first to spontaneously hand GMac a microphone, since then, Sizzla has become a mentor and a tutor. “He has taught me the intricacies of the business. He even showed me how to write and structure a song, and he has given me books to read," Gmac reviews. One important lesson learnt in his emulation is the necessity for adapting to varying genres and styles. 
“I respect Sizzla because he is so versatile. Sizzla does culture, lovers rock, hip-hop, jazz, and even rock music. He is my idol," GMac confesses. 
Already, GMac has record the single, “Life Is Priceless”, for Sizzla Kalonji's Record Label. Other recordings include, “Nothing More Nothing Less” for guitarist Gibby's recording label, as well the duet, “Any Means Any How” with deejay Alozade. 
GMac is fast becoming a sought-after act for concert appearances, making live stage deliveries at various events across the island of Jamaica; an indication that GMac is oiled, ready and prepared to take off to higher heights. Gmac has perform at the biggest 1 night dancehall event call "Sting" in 2009 where he perform and rock the crowd and also in 2010 where he perform with Sizzla Kolangi in a smashing performance with the veteran, he also performed at the biggest reggae festival in the world "Reggae Sumfest" in 2009 and another high energy performance in 2010 also. GMac has been on tour with Grammy winner and reggae icon Buju Banton on the "too bad tour" in Canada where they perform

Thu, 15th Dec 2011

Sizzla Sounds Off on Education with New Single, "Learn To Read"

 Conscious reggae star Sizzla returns with a new anthem for the youths, and a plan to encourage and empower the younger generation. The new single, aptly titled "Learn To Read," speaks on the importance of education, as Sizzla advocates young people to learn to read and write, as a way to overcome ignorance.  "In the beginning, I spoke Amharic, which is the true language," reveals Sizzla. "And telling the youths about the brilliance of education, and teaching them the importance of it, will empower them."  

Sizzla is a member of the Bobo Shanti sect of Rastafarians, a group that typically places a strong emphasis on education and literacy. Unlike any of his other tracks, this track focuses strongly on educating children and investing in the intellect of the youths, thus showing the humanitarian and philanthropic side Sizzla is known for. Because he is iconic, the single will have an impact on parents, government officials, and educators alike, thereby encouraging children to go to school, and learn to read and write

Furthermore, the song has undertones of a political agenda, one for the betterment of the youth in Jamaica, and  also timely for the upcoming December 29 elections in Jamaica. It will surely give strength to candidates seeking better budgets for education.

This single is the first tune voiced on the Gal Block Riddim, produced by 22-year old Glenroy "Frosty" Jackson for his own Lion House Music Production, based in Jamaica. It was recorded at Kalonji Records in Jamaica, by Frosty and Ainsworth, and mixed and mastered by Dave Downie and BUG for Unlock My Mind Music, at Hilltop Studio in Brooklyn, New York. The single is manufactured and distributed by Locksmith Records.

The track is now available as a single and ringtone (see links below). It is also distributed from top digital retailers worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, MySpace Music, VerveLife, Zune, MediaNet, Spotify, Nokia, and eMusic. 

Tue, 6th Dec 2011


'Summer In Kingston' Gets Nod for Best Reggae Album

New York, NY (FOX FUSE) - A stellar career continues for international icon Shaggy as he receives the 2012 Grammy Awardnomination for best reggae album - the ultimate recognition for his latest studio effort, Summer In Kingston, released on his own Ranch Entertainment label, on July 19, 2011.

The 8-track digital album was heavily marketed with a focus on fan-targeted promotions, and Shaggy has been touring non-stop since its release as he continues his global dominance. Summer In Kingston has also been massively embraced by mainstream media, granting the multi-platinum artist notable appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), The Today Show (NBC), and  Lopez Tonight (TBS), just to name a few.

"I'm grateful to be nominated for the 2012 Grammy Award for best reggae album," Shaggy reveals from his current tour stop in Sidney, Australia. "My entire team at Ranch Entertainment and Crush Management worked tirelessly to capture the essence of the true summer vibe on the island of Jamaica, to bring it to the world."

Summer In Kingston debuted at #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Albums charts, while its lead single "Sugarcane" also revved reggae singles charts, worldwide. The "Sugarcane" video, filmed in Jamaica and depicting the perfect 'summer in Kingston' as its backdrop, saw an MTV premiere.

This marks the tenth album from the diamond-selling artist, already aGrammy winner for his breakout album Boombastic, back in 1996. He has received three previous Grammy nominations, as well as multiple American Music Awards and MOBO (UK) nods.

"My heartfelt thanks to my longtime fans for your continued support of my music and making this happen, and to The Recording Academy for again recognizing our efforts," states Shaggy. The 54th Annual Grammy Awards takes place on February 12, 2012 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. It will be broadcast live on CBS.   

Tue, 15th Nov 2011

Bounty Killer & Gabriel - "Lollipop"

Rodney ‘Bounty Killer’ Price and Nancy ‘Gabriel’ Gordon have teamed up to do a “remake” of one of Jamaica’s biggest hit single, Millie Small's 1964 smash hit “My Boy Lollipop”. The song, which was recorded on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, has been getting rave reviews from fans and music industry insiders alike all over the world.

Riddimstream.com that has been blasting the song all over the world since its release quotes, “This is probably dancehall’s biggest remake yet”.  Over 50,000 people have already viewed the song worldwide accumulatively on different social media networks, blogs etc. Phone calls and emails are being sent from places such as Namibia, England and Europe showing interest in the song.

The producer of the track Leebert ‘Gibby’ Morrison believes that the song will do very well and expresses the joy of Bounty Killer representing on the single as this was not a coincident, but a dream. He states, quote “ Since the initial recording of the song by Gabriel, I deeply felt that Bounty Killer was the right artiste to represent, do remember this is a dancehall mix and as such I personally believe Bounty Killer is the best choice and sound we need to give the song its edge and appeal”. He also stated, ““If one does not appreciate music and the variety of flavours that come with it then they will not appreciate an artist like Gabriel. She is not just an everyday sound. You do not hear artists like Gabriel everyday.”
Nancy ‘Gabriel’ Gordon sees this opportunity as a dream come true for her as she explains, “Bounty Killer is an artiste that I personally look up to and respect, I have been told by him and others that my sound is very different and unique. I know that I will appeal to a more mature crowd readily, but my hope is that my unique style will be accepted and listened to by everyone”.

Bounty Killer sees this as the perfect opportunity to relive and be apart of history as this song was done over 40 years ago and still finds favor with fans all over the world. He says, “This song was before the inception of reggae and dancehall. I was not even born when the song was recorded, so this allows me to relive the past and also make the song relevant today to all fans worldwide. It is also an opportunity to expose another young talent who I believe has a sound reminiscent of the 60’s era. This may not be readily accepted by today’s dancehall, but it will surely be a classic that will do well worldwide, especially in the European market so I feel pleased to be apart of this project”.

The expectation of the song is huge. Millie Smalls’s version had sold millions worldwide and created quite a stir and pretty much the same is expected with this version

Bounty Killer & Gabriel - "Lollipop"