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Fri, 12th Apr 2013




Nearly two decades and ten albums later, the mission has come full circle for Morgan Heritage. Globally known as the “Royal Family of Reggae,” and now today being dubbed as the “Rolling Stones of Reggae” (in large part due to the act’s electric stage shows), Morgan Heritage has established themselves as the premier live group on the reggae circuit.  From an extraordinarily talented teen quintet to one of contemporary reggae’s most powerful forces, Peetah Morgan (vocals), Una Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Roy “Gramps” Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Nakhamyah “Lukes” Morgan (rhythm guitar) and Memmalatel “Mr. Mojo” Morgan (percussion/vocals) are back with Here Come The Kings —the collective’s first musical arrangement in five years — available June 11th on VP Records. 

The band’s latest studio album will “stimulate the minds of the people and let them know what we’ve created, it’s real,” proclaims the group’s lead vocalist Peetah Morgan.  Prepare for the revolution. After respective solo careers and music ventures of their own, Morgan Heritage returns this spring with their groundbreaking album Here Come The Kings.  Lyrically, Here Come The Kings is a refresher course for culture music fans, staying true to Morgan Heritage’s authentic Rockaz style, with brilliant instrumentation and empowering lyrics. However, collaborations with ingenious young blood producers like Lamar Brown (Notice Productions), Shane C. Brown (Juke Boxx Productions) and multiple Grammy nominee, Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer, lead the band to explore new sounds that successfully fuse roots, r&b, and a hint of dancehall, evident on the cut “Girl is Mine” and the album’s first single “Perfect Love Song.”

View behind the scenes footage of “Perfect Love Song” anticipated video – shot in Miami and directed by Spencer Antle: http://youtu.be/7o6v47wRHxc

“Roots Reggae is alive and well outside of the island of Jamaica,” Gramps passionately declares, as he expounds on the band’s continued commitment to heal the world through music. “It’s not about changing the message,” which unfailingly has been one of love, dignity, respect, and praising Jah, “but delivering the message to a new generation,” a population that the tight-knit tribe believes has strayed away from the island’s rich culture. “Shabba, Shaggy, these people captivated foreign markets because they were different, but still 100% Jamaican. Reggae artists need to realize that what we do is precious. We must value what we have because the public wants us for who we are,” explains Peetah. “We’re a lot more confident and mature than what you heard 5 years ago,” claims Peetah. He applauds the album’s catchy hooks, impressive features and infectious riddims. “The musicality of this project is attractive to the young generation while maintaining the uplifting content that we’re known for,” he adds. The new album is co-produced by Morgan Heritage, alongside some of reggae’s most innovative talents including: Linton White (“Perfect Love Song”), Shane Brown (“The Return”), Jason Farmer (“Girl is Mine”) and Donovan “Don Corleon” Bennett (“Call to Me”). Grammy-winning Jamaican icon Shaggy lays his indistinguishable vocals on ladies anthem “Loved Stoned,” where a man is telling a woman, “you got me so high, I’m in the cosmos, I’m literally stoned on your love,” Peetah says. “Stand Up” is incontestably the album’s anthem track, where Peetah commands on the hook, “stand up, stand up, stand up brothers and sisters and always remember how Jah mek ya.”  “The song is essentially saying know yourself and don’t sell out yourself or your culture to be like someone else or accepted by a certain sect in society,” explains Peetah. “Man Has Forgotten” is backed by a strong melody, punctuated with a bombastic opening, “come in like dem na memba we seh Heritage fi life.” On “Girl is Mine” cover, the Morgans stay true to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s original, yet bring dancehall to the tune, mid-song, replacing Paul and Michael’s conversation with a singjay verse. 

Here Come The Kings reminds us, that the pulse of one of reggae’s most enduringly successful acts, Morgan Heritage, will be eternally pure.


Tue, 19th Mar 2013

Multi-talented Da’Ville is now more close to his fans



March 18, 2013
 – NEW YORK – Orville Thomas also known as Da’Ville, is pleased to announce that is now more close to his fans, specially worldwide.

Although his schedule is filled with live shows, rehearsals, interviews, composing, etc, Da’Ville still spend some time with his fans by checking his oficial Facebook and Twitter accounts.
“Nowadays it is more easy get in touch with my fans and feel everyday the love and support from them thanks to technolgy.” – Da’Ville says.
Da’Ville just finished a successful 7 state tour in Japan to support the release of the album in last month.

2013 will be a year full of success. With the latest album called Krazy Love in his bag, the jamaican artist will be travelling around the globe promoting the album released last year wich included hit songs like This LoveYou Got Di Ting.

Interviews, bookings, dubplates: davilleofficial@gmail.com

About Da’Ville:
With the world listening to his every note, singer/producer, Da’Ville defines his style of reggae with a fusion of Pop and R&B swirled with soul. Putting his life experiences in each of his hit songs, this artist extraordinaire is a force to reckon with.
In 2005, after a successful debut album released with Avex Entertainment Group (Japan), Da’Ville was signed to Avex Entertainment Group for 3 years releasing 3 consecutive successful albums.
As a songwriter, composer and producer, Da’Villes’ music has topped charts locally and internationally allowing him the opportunity to work with recording companies such as Avex Japan, Ki/oon, Sony Music Japan, VP Records (Indie) and Fashozy Records (Indie).
Da’Ville is one of the most celebrated Pop/R&B/Reggae artists in Japan, Places in USA and certainly in the Caribbean. His expanding fan base continues to increase because of his dedication and commitment to music. The world has yet to see the best of Da’Ville.

Mon, 4th Mar 2013

Mr Vegas new single WHINE UP

Shot on location in Jamaica and New York and directed by Terminal 4 Media in Kingston and J Rockaz in the big apple, Party Tun Up hosts a cast of dancers from Russia, Europe, US, Japan and Jamaica.

 Mr Vegas new single WHINE UP (vamos) and the seductive posing prowess of dancehall queens Aya versus Mad Michelle

WHINE UP ( VAMOS) Mr Vegas ft DJ Starr   



Thu, 21st Feb 2013

Aaron Silk and Flava McGregor collaborate on new 2013 release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Veteran Reggae Crooner, Aaron Silk has collaborated with popular Jamaican producer, Kemar “Flava” McGregor to produce a new release “Oh Me Oh My” on Flava’s 80’s Rock Riddim compilation cd released for January 2013.
The release, is a take on the original song done by his brother, Garnett, showcases Aaron’s beautiful voice and dynamic vocal ability while evoking memories of his sibling.

“Oh Me Oh My has always been a favorite for me to perform on stage. Initially I was asked by Flava to voice on the rhythm he had. His idea was to cover Oh Me Oh My, seeing that I had already covered Place in your Heart, and he was fascinated with the way I sang it,” said Aaron.

“I wanted to sing this one for the ladies…I hope they love and appreciate it as they did the Garnet Silk Original. “

Excerpts from the compilation cd have been going viral on social media – getting a lot of plays via YouTube and Facebook. It is also being increasingly picked up by Jamaican and international radio stations.
“I see Aaron Silk as the new voice of romantic reggae and I have great expectations for this compilation,” said McGregor.
The compilation features other artistes such as Gappy Ranks, JC lodge, Jahmali, GyptiAn, Junior Kelly, Adelle and others.

“I am happy that this is one of the things I am starting 2013 with,” said Aaron. “It looks like an exciting year for me – I am working on finalising my second album and I am exploring some tours in the Caribbean and Europe.’

Silk has been busy doing tours and shows for his favorite charity, “the Voices for Climate Change Education Project” and is set to perform on the Reggae Jam Festival in Germany in August, Aaron Silk has performed on shows such as the Montreal Reggae Festival, Conscious Reggae Festival in Italy, Rebel Salute , Irie Jamboree to name a few.  The artiste is most known for his song, Right Path, which held the number one position in Trinidad, Canada and Bermuda a few years ago.

It also received strong airplay in Europe and America and led to him being on tour in those countries.  Aaron’s music has a strong cultural and spiritual message which is seen in his recorded songs such as Right Path on the Lalabella Riddim, Show I the Way, Bless I oh Jah just to mention a few.

Mon, 26th Nov 2012

Reggae sensation Ras Penco, has raised the bar yet again with his new single titled 'Mama Love'.

With an international hit under his belt, reggae sensation Ras Penco, has raised the bar yet again with his new single titled 'Mama Love'.

Ras Penco, real name Reinford Woodburn, still has fans swooning to his biggest hit, Thousand Miles Away, for which the video is still in regular rotation on BETJ and VH1 Soul.

Now that the bar has been raised within the music arena, the talented singer has been sweating up a storm since then in studio. Ras Penco has shown he has much more hits to come, with another single slated to be released on the airwaves this week entitled Mama Love, which is produced by Notice Productions.

"I am currently working on a 13-15 track album which is definitely in the pipeline. I have also done a few collaborations with Fambo, Teflon and Chevaughn, which fans can definitely look forward to. I also worked alongside Gyptian for a track called From The Start," he said.

When asked which artiste he would like to work with in the future, Ras Penco responded, "I would say ZJ Liquid. I would definitely work with him."

Ras Penco has also been topping charts with his latest videos for Fire Burn and Your Love, which has been achart topper on the CVM Hitlist Charts, among others.

"Your Love has been getting a good rotation, internationally as well, also YouTube has been getting a lot of hits," shared the artiste.

However, he further shared that, promotional tours are being planned for the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.

"I would love to say to my loyal fans to keep looking out for me, Ras Penco is just warming up. Trust me, you will never be disappointed."