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Mon, 23rd May 2016

Some Dispute Beenie Man’s Claim that He Introduced Dancehall to the World .(Written by StephanieK)


With the sampling of Beenie Man’s ‘Controlla’ on Drake’s fourth studio recording “View,” some controversy has arisen about Beenie Man’s claim to have introduced the world to dancehall and his self-proclaimed description as the “King of Dancehall.” In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Beenie Man answered a question about whether he felt he had to protect the culture of dancehall by saying, “I have to protect the culture. Even when I go on tour, I don’t do other songs, just dancehall music. I introduce the world to what dancehall is ’cause I’m the king of it, and I have to work to keep it up. Jamaica needs trendsetters. They make a trend so the next artist can follow that trend. I stand for dancehall 100 percent and I’m still working and making music for a new album, Unstoppable. [I’ve been] working on it for nine years now.” In response to these remarks, MC Nuffy said that Beenie Man needs to understand that he has played a large role in the dancehall business, but he should respect the musicians that came before him. According to Nuffy, “Beenie Man nah accept that we have a new ‘Dancehall King’. But at the same time, we were expected to accept him during the time when he wanted to take Yellow Man out of the spot.”

Read more: http://jamaicans.com/beenie-man-claims-dancehall-world/#ixzz49WSxiRFF


Sat, 29th Aug 2015

RDX Accosted by police in Trinidad

  Dancehall Duo RDX has had their show stopping performance at Island Rave in San Fernando Trinidad; on Saturday August 22, marred by an unpleasant encounter with the Trinidadian authorities.

Travelling with Road Manager Kirk Wright, Zj Dymond and video directors Xtreme Arts, the duo arrived at the venue and were searched by security at the entrance. The security personal however alerted the police to what they claimed to be a firearm in RDX’s Road Manager's bag.

They surrounded our vehicle with guns out, we were told that we had to exit our vehicle for them to search for the firearm inside and proceeded to conduct a thorough search of everyone as well” Renigade explained

The suspected firearm however turned out to be a stack of promotional CDs. The duo received no apology from the police or security personal for this obvious violation.

Our Road Manager only had promo CDs in his bag. I don’t know how someone could mistake CDs for a firearm. Guess it was a new gun only they know exist.” Renigade added

This is the first time the duo has faced this kind of negative attention in the Twin Island republic which they visit at least twice a year.

Everyone knows RDX a di girl dem artist, betta dem did sey they feel a girl hidden in we Road Manager bag, that would have made more sense!” Delomar admonished.

The Duo didn’t let this incident affect their performance however and delivered a high energy set to close the show.

They also took the opportunity to shoot the video for their Baile Funk infused ‘Push Back’ single as they always wanted to shoot a music video in Trinidad, and this song fits the location concept nicely.

The video was shot by Cashflow Xtreme Arts and should be released later this fall. This adds to the list of excellent visuals the duo will be releasing for the remainder of the year.

The "Mr. Wacky" and "Back & Forth" videos are in their final editing phase and should be released shortly. RDX will head to New York in September to prepare unique visuals for another upcoming project.

Wed, 1st Jul 2015

Stmpede chart

Sun, 7th Dec 2014


Look at this latest step for Nesbeth on his the road to victory.  ˜Taste Victory' is his first single off his recently released EP titled "Victory" for the UK based Entertainment Soul label. The song chants hope for the future, while
reminiscing on the harsh past.

The video stylishly portrays the theme of the single by depicting the reggae star as a boxer, who is staged in the ring to battle with his negative past self. The star is victorious and the sweet melodic chorus is sung over & over again, "now I can taste victory".

The video is currently garnering exposure from numerous media outlets and most recently was picked up by MTV Iggy. MTV Iggy is a division of Viacom Media Networks, focused on bringing cutting -edge global music and pop culture to the U.S. "Taste Victory" video can be seen on MTV Iggy and has received quite a few hits since its post on the site several days ago.

Directed by Jamaican music video specialist RD Studios, it is the artist himself who is credited with the visual concept. "I wanted to portray to those that live with self doubt, that personal achievement is often only held back by this negative internal struggle and that it must be overcome to fully flourish" said Nesbeth.

On the subject of the video getting picked up by world famous station he continued "It is an honor to have my video apart of the brand MTV Iggy and among a diverse group of musicians. I see this as an opportunity receive exposure to a new audience and gain new fans".

Nesbeth is currently promoting his EP "Victory", which has just received a stellar review from prominent website Reggaeville, and look forward to his upcoming performance on Rebel Salute!


Thu, 13th Nov 2014

Nesbeth - Victory EP

   In this exciting time of reggae resurgence, Entertainment Soul announces Nesbeth’s highly anticipated upcoming “Victory” EP.

Although it may feel as if the conscious reggae star took a musical hiatus, Nesbeth has steadily continued his musical journey by drawing from life and penning an arsenal of new music. Recently signing with the London based label Entertainment Soul, Nesbeth is feeling revitalized and ready to share himself through his music with the world. “I see the songs as parts of my body, each song plays a significant role”

Delighted on the creative control given to him by his new label, the “Victory” EP represents a more mature side of Nesbeth. When recording "Victory" it is evident Nesbeth was on a mission to uplift the people and assist listeners to find a sense of motivation and perseverance through his music. On this 5 track EP each single has a special message, the lead single "Taste Victory" is an inspiring single that many can relate when feeling like they have hit rock bottom yet, is able to taste that victorious day approaching.

The fourth track (and instant ‘gratification’ track for buyers of the iTunes pre-order 4th Nov) “Hundu Lay Lay” gives you a warm & soulful feel of Africa with it’s uplifting tribal drum and vocal rhythms. But it speaks of trouble in the land and enormous strength among it’s people, drawing eerie echoes of current affairs, whilst Nesbeth chants "Hundu Lay Lay", throughout the chorus.

A joint collaboration from some of reggae music prominent producers, Nesbeth also took on a role as producer while recording his "Victory" EP. In conjunction with M.Shaw, Nesbeth wrote the five tracks each showing a different style. The EP was proudly produced by DJ Frass (Taste Victory), Merrick Shaw (Even Though)and Nesbeth himself. Nesbeth hopes that his musical message will be heard and shared.   “I want to make music that will stand the test of time. With Victory I want to anoint the oppressor and the oppressed. I hope all these songs reach out, to the masses and inspire the nation to strive for their victory.
Word sound is power.”   Distributed by Zojak Worlwide, "Victory" EP will be available on all digital platforms on Monday November 17th, 2014. iTunes preorder available Tuesday November 4th, 2014.


 Victory Track Listing Marijuana                                                                          

Produced by Nesbeth
Jah Jah Handpick
Produced by Nesbeth
Taste Victory
Produced by DJ Frass
Hundu Lay Lay
Produced by Nesbeth
Even Though
Produced by Merrick Shaw Publicist Contact: Destine Media | Ph: 347-497-8874 | E: destinemedia00@gmail.com Victory EP Launch Party!   Come join the celebration of Nesbeth's exciting new EP release, on the lawn of the Pegasus hotel, Kingston on Monday 17th November! First public performance of Nesbeth's brand new EP with a full live band & dancers, Nesbeth's classic hits set, guest artists & DJ

To register for tickets please email or call Street Cred Jamaica, details on the invite below.