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Megga Flex

megga flex born in kingston jamaica grow up in a musical family,first time listening to music watching my dad playing the guitar, who is one of the biggest lead guitar player in jamaica, playing in bands like the-809 band-loyd parks and the we the people band-listening music around my dad,bob marley-dennis brown-jacob miller- third world-ini kamoze-peter tosh-marcia griffiths-beres hammond-and was around some great music instrumental players-dean fraser-sly & robbie,

my mom use to sing a lot but at that time i was more in watching my uncle playing music who was one of the big radio disc jockey on jbc fm radio station, that is when i started to learn to play music on his party sound call sade, going around as a youngster playing on the ghetto sounds like hurricane-and love bunch-that's where my music journey really takes off, following the ghetto stage shows where i met some artist and we did form a syndicate call the buss out crew-brando brandish-dangerous aka righteous-and big star, going around the ghetto shows,where i met the artist -ally cat- we suppose to do a show at ziggy marley center in kinston thats where ally cat crown me as megga flex and things just take off from there i was hired by the miles family who own swatch int sound system which i took the offer and the rest is history, making my name as one of the maddest selector playing yard and abroad,on unfortunately things occurred so i decided to trod a different path,so i continued my journey in the uk, where i link up sounds like metro love in london-della soul sound which originated in kingston jamaica brook valley,so mean while in the uk for over ten years i was not comfortable cause in my self i know i can do much more that,s when i started putting my artist side more out than selecting.

but something was still missing i needed a click to call my click needed a studio where me can relax and feel free to express myself and that was hard living in the uk, its not like jamaica where you can stand out a any studio gate for a break in the uk it's different-and i am a individual like this i don't jump on no ones hype, cause i love to be appart of something from the start,that my self can feel good to know i put in the work too, so searching and searching i came across projects xxx who just starting off in the recording studio business, where we develop our click and from there just putting in the work,where i met jahpawa from italy producer for bass philosophy records which i teamed up with and do some track for tracks like-whine pon mi dick-roots & skank- hard fi live with-bass a beat-daddy,and and now link up with one of the legend the greatest in the uk Otis riddim- producer for Otis Riddim records, where i do some tracks like- nagga nagga - crank up-wine and bounce

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Discography includes:

Megga Flex - Crank Up

megga flex born in kingston jamaica grow up in a musical family,first time listening to music watching my dad playing the guitar.now he As release two EP Single from is Dance Hall Album Coming soon